DP Maintenance Course


DP Maintenance (Technical) Course

“Aquanaut Dynamic Positioning Centre” is a DP training institute that provides an elaborate DP Maintenance course in Navi Mumbai (India). Candidates applying for this course must be ELO/ETOs or Marine Engineers. Course will commence on every Monday and the course duration will be 5 Days.

Objectives of the DP Maintenance Course


  • To define Dynamic Positioning (DP) and understand the basic operating principle /history & evolution of Dynamic Positioning.
  • The course provides understanding of how to operate and maintain DP System.
  • To be familiarized with the components of the DP system, which include DP Operator, Computer control, Operating station (MMI), Thrusters and propellers, heading reference system, Position reference system, Sensors and Power system.
  • This Training Course includes: System hardware, location of hardware components, system fault-finding, troubleshooting, network diagnostics, controller configuration, and maintenance.
  • To be familiarized with the concepts / maintenance routines , different types of Position reference systems , used in the DP system, including DGPS (Differential Global Positioning System), DGNSS (Global Navigation Satellite System), Hydro-acoustic Position Reference (HPR) System, ARTEMIS, Taut Wire Position Reference System, Laser Reference Systems and Radius/Rada-Scan (FM Radio) Reference System, and to understand the different types of Environmental sensors used in the DP system including,Gyro,wind sensors (anemometer) and motion sensors.
  • To understand the Advantages, Disadvantages and “Redundancy” in the DP system.
  • The concept of various types of DP systems. i.e. Basic & Integrated and their sub types and to understand the Equipment Class of DP
  • Understanding the Mathematical Model, Kalman Filter, Pooling , Voting methods and FMECA concepts.
  • To Understand & maintain the different types of Thrusters and Propeller Control systems that may be found in DP vessels.
  • To understand Power Management System, Distribution systems / UPS, maintenance & fault finding onboard DP vessels.
  • To understand SPU components, including PLC, communication modules, I/O port & special components.
  • To understand Networking layout, System interface, various I/O ports and system trouble shooting ( Alarms recognition, UPS, DP console, sensors, Trending & log files)
  • To maintain / update / backup of DP system software
  • To understand the different Control Modes available in the DP system, including Joystick mode, Auto Position, Auto Pilot mode, Follow Target mode and Auto-Track mode.
  • To understand factors that may lead to DP incidents (discussion of DP incidents / case studies).

Career opportunities

The practical training sessions are very thorough and circumstantial and therefore, candidates get a better understanding of everything. Once a candidate clears this course, they gain experience in the practical area of Dynamic Positioning, which is very different from theoretical training and a new and advanced career path is open to them. If you are an electrical engineer or an ETO and want to move up the ladder, a very good way of doing so is to pursue the DP Maintenance Course at ADPC.

We aim to impart the necessary knowledge and skill in our candidates to maintain the Dynamic positioning System on board independently with minimal support from the Manufacturer or Service provider.

ADPC offers various courses in Dynamic Positioning :


  1. DP Induction (Basic) Course
  2. DP Simulator (Advance) Course
  3. DP Maintenance Course
  4. High Voltage Course
  5. Basic Anchor Handling Course